Meet the Leaders Day 16: Time to Join via @wordpressdotcom

Empire Kred

Join leaders for just $50 – if you act fast. The Annual Leader Membership Drive is drawing to a close. New leaders have flocked in over the last month, and leaders are well on their way to quadrupling the Leader Jackpot – which you can share by simply picking up your Ultimate Leader Upgrade right now.

YOU HAVE AN INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY. In an effort to give back to the Community, one of our most successful Leaders, Kevin Green (e)MYSODOTCOM, has funded a grant to sponsor half of your membership fee to help you get in before the Jackpot!

As long as Kevin’s special $50 rate shows in the shop, the offer still stands!

*Still a stretch for the $50 signup? Contact (e)NANCE to apply for full sponsorship or to find out about a new $25 option, courtesy of (e)VALUED and (e)MYSODOTCOM!

The Meet the Leaders Quest has been extended and now runs through…

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