Meet the Leaders Quest Day 3 via @wordpressdotcom

Empire Kred

The Meet the Leaders Quest will run through May 31. Catch up with Day 1 and Day 2. Scroll down for easy directions.

MYSAGEADVICESage Bramhall Ouchark is a heart centered woman from Fayetteville, AR. Her education and her work in Education, Leadership, Business and Marketing comes full circle in her Social Media! She is a full time caregiver to a “MS Warrior”, and her variety of posts is amazing. Sage just joined #EmpireKred in April and jumped right in as an active player, and also now as a new Leader! “I’ve had amazing engagement and wonderful leaders to learn from.”


New! Quests now include Mission Achievements. Visit this mission to see the 10 Reasons to Join Empire.Kred Leaders created by (e)Knikkolette. Remember: right now, you get ALL those benefits – worth over $2,000 – PLUS the Triple Leader Jackpot which will add 3x pie, eaves, Even More Desserts, and…

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